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  • Zinc Lactate

Zinc Lactate

Assay(on dry basis): 98.0~103%
Loss on drying: max.18.5%
Lead: max.3ppm
Arsenic: max.2ppm
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Zinc Lactate

Zinc Lactate is the zinc salt of natural lactic acid. It’s white crystalline powder, freely soluble in cold water.

-Chemical name: Zinc Lactate

-Standard: Food grade FCC

-Appearance: Powder

-Color: White

-Odor: almost odorless

-Solubility: easily soluble in cold water

-Molecular formula: C6H10O6Zn·2H2O

-Molecular weight: 279.53 g/mol

Technical data

Test content Index Test results Test content Index Test results
Zinc lactate(as anhydrous), % Min.98.0 99.1 Lead, ppm Max.3 <3
Loss on drying, % Max.14 12.6 Arsenic, ppm Max.2 <2
pH(1% v/v solution) 5.0-7.0 5.8 Cadmium, ppm Max.2 <2


Application area:Food & Beverage, Dairy, flour, Pharmaceutical, Health products.

Typical applications:Used in treatment of Zinc deficiency as immune-boosting supplement and nutrient.
Used as antioxidant protecting against accelerated aging of the skin and muscles of the body(products like facial cleaner, facial moisturizer or body mist, soap etc.
It can be used as a hair pH regulator in the cosmetic industry or for odor control and as an anti-microbial in the oral care industry. Used in oral care products to prevent halitosis like toothpaste, mouthwash or breath fresheners etc.

Packing & Delivery

Individual Pallet 20' container Product
Net Weight
25kg/bag 32 bags/wood pallet 640 bags, 20 wood pallets/20' container 16,000 kg
25kg/fibre drum 18 fibre drums/wood pallet 360 fibre drums, 20 wood pallets/20' container 9,000 kg
20kg/carton box bottom layer: 32 carton boxes/wood pallet; upper stacking layer: 32 carton box/wood pallet Total 640 carton boxes, 20 wood pallets/20' container (bottom layer: 320 carton boxes, 10 wood pallets; upper stacking layer: 320 carton boxes, 10 wood pallets) 12,800 kg
  • 25 kg bag pack

    Inside lined with food grade PE bag

  • 25 kg fibre drum

    inside with food grade PE bag 

  • 20 kg carton box

    5 layers corrugated cardboard box with inside food grade PE bag

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