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  • Ammonium Lactate 60%

Ammonium Lactate 60%

Ammonium lactate: 58.0-64.0% w/w
Chroma(APHA): min. 50
PH: 5.0-7.0
Density(gm/cc20℃): 1.15-1.19
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Ammonium Lactate 60%

Ammonium lactate 60 is the clear colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, It has a neutral pH.

-Chemical name: Ammonium Lactate 60%

-Standard: Food grade FCC

-Appearance: Liquid

-Color: Clear

-Odor: Odorless or slight odor

-Solubility: Soluble in water

-Molecular formula: C3H7NO3

-Molecular weight: 107.11 g/mol

Technical data

Test content Index Test results Test content Index Test results
Ammonium lactate, % Min.60.0 60.5 Chloride, % Max.0.01 <0.01
Color(fresh solution), APHA Max.150 40 Sulphate, % Max.0.1 <0.1
pH(10% v/v solution) 5.5-7.5 6.9 Heavy metals as Pb, ppm Max.20 <20
Volatile fatty acid Passes test Passes test Arsenic, ppm Max.2 <2


Application area:Food & Beverage, Feed, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Other industries.

Typical applications:For food, beverages, dairy products, salt, nutrition, medicines, etc.
Cosmetics, exfoliating, moisturizing. It is an organic compound used as an active ingredient in certain skin creams and lotions as a moisturizer and exfoliant, to treat various skin conditions like dry, scaly, itchy skin.
Feed additives - Ruminant animals can utilize ammonium salts as a source of nitrogen for synthesis of protein, so it can be used as a nutrient feed supplement for ruminant animal.
Pharmaceutical, ammonium lactate in the pharmaceutical field can be used for the production of pharmaceutical dermatology.

Packing & Delivery

Individual 20' container Product Net Weight
25 kg PE dum 880 drums/20' container 22,000 kgs
250 kg PE drum 80 drums/20' container 20,000 kgs
1200 IBC tank 18 drums/20' container 21,600 kgs
  • 25 kg PE drum

  • 250 kg PE drum

  • 1200 IBC tank

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