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  • Potassium lactate and Potassium acetate blend 60%

Potassium lactate and Potassium acetate blend 60%

Potassium lactate: min. 56.0% w/w
potassium acetate: min. 4.0% w/w
Heavy metals total as Pb: max. 10 ppm
Arsenic: max. 2 ppm
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Potassium lactate and Potassium acetate blend 60%

Honghui brand Potassium lactate and Potassium acetate mixture 60% is the liquid potassium salt of natural. The product is almost colorless liquid. It’s a effective meat preservatives at the same time reduce sodium content with the concerns of reducing sodium intake.

-Chemical name: Potassium lactate and Potassium acetate blend 60%

-Standard: Food grade, GB26687-2011, FCC

-Appearance: Liquid

-Color: Clear or almost colorless

-Odor: Odorless or slight characteristic odor with a saline taste

-Solubility: Soluble in water

-Molecular formula: C3H5KO3(Potassium lactate), C2H3KO2 (Potassium acetate)

-Molecular weight: 128.17 g/mol (Potassium lactate), 98.14 g/mol (Potassium acetate)

-CAS No.: 85895-78-9 (Potassium lactate), 127-08-2 (Potassium acetate)

-EINECS: 288-752-8(Potassium lactate), 204-822-2 (Potassium acetate)

Technical data

Test content Index Test results
Potassium lactate content, % Min.56.0 57.8
Potassium acetate content, % MIn.4.0 4.83
Heavy metals as Pb, ppm Max.10 <10
Arsenic, ppm Max.2 <2
Lead, ppm Max.2 <2


Application area:Food, Meat, Seafood, Sauce, dressing, Seasonings and Feed &Pet industries.

Typical applications:This blend is a safe and effective preservative for processed meat products. It suppresses the growth of pathogens and prolongs the product shelf life.
It’s used for Listeria control and extending shelf life at the same time improving yield, purge and texture of meat and poultry products.

Packing & Delivery

Individual 20' container Product Net Weight
25 kg PE dum 880 drums/20' container 22,000 kgs
250 kg PE drum 80 drums/20' container 20,000 kgs
1200 IBC tank 18 IBC tanks/20' container 21,600 kgs
  • 25 kg PE drum

  • 250 kg PE drum

  • 1200 IBC tank

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